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Bio Research Shuttle: A Pilot Service to Safely Transport Bio-Specimens will launch on June 2nd

Parking & Transportation Services (PTS), the Department of Occupational Safety & Environmental Health (OSEH) and medical center leadership have had ongoing discussions in the last year regarding the transport of biological research specimens on the University bus system. As a result of these discussions, PTS developed the Bio Research Shuttle as a solution for campus transport of bio-specimens, while operationally still supporting the university in carrying out its mission as one of the nation’s great public research universities and provider of choice. Funding for the pilot service is being provided by OSEH, Medical School and the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC). Click here for more information.


Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP

New University of Michigan Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)

OSEH has released the new U-M CHP which establishes a written program designed to protect laboratory personnel from hazardous chemicals in accordance with the requirements of the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act (MIOSHA) Part 431 Hazardous Work in Laboratories Standard R 325-70100. CHP policies promote a healthy and safe work environment and provide information on best practices in laboratory health and safety. The document is web-based and includes information to ensure that all laboratory personnel have working knowledge about the hazardous chemicals they use. The CHP is available here along with a new compliance document binder and standard operating procedures for chemicals frequently used at U-M. Personnel working in laboratories should read and become familiar with the CHP and it's University-wide requirements. Principal Investigators will be required to have a document binder with appropriate information and lab specific procedures for any hazards not addressed within the CHP.


Safety First

Safety First Recognition Award

The Safety First Recognition Award celebrates U-M employees who excel in creating and maintaining a safe workplace. Click here to find out what it takes to win, and how to nominate someone.

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