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Survey to assess the culture of safety in the U-M laboratory research community

A brief survey has been announced and launched to assess and evaluate the current safety culture at the University of Michigan’s (U-M) academic and research laboratories.

This survey is part of the university initiative, announced in April 2015, to strengthen current programs for laboratory and research safety.

This short survey should take ~10minutes and will provide valuable information in assessing the culture of laboratory safety at the U-M, as well as identify programming, policy, and resource needs of our community. This initial data collection will help us establish a foundation for our initiative, and ultimately allow us to monitor and direct progressive future programming and research community support.

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New Academic Laboratory and Research Safety Policy

The University of Michigan is taking the next step toward promoting a culture of safety in academic laboratories and research areas across campus by establishing a standardized policy for laboratory safety.

The new Academic Laboratory and Research Safety Policy identifies the general roles and responsibilities that individuals and various university groups have for enhancing and promoting a safe laboratory culture.

The policy applies to all faculty, staff and students working in university laboratories or when conducting university-related field research or activities, regardless of location.

"The policy provides the foundation to assist schools, colleges and departments in meeting laboratory and research safety standards," said Interim Vice President for Research Jack Hu in an email message to the research community.

The policy also "provides guidelines for more effective collaboration between the research community and the various U-M departments and offices charged with overseeing the safety and compliance of our campus," added Hu.

The university announced the initiative to strengthen current programs for laboratory and research safety in April. The ultimate goal, university leaders say, is to enhance the campus community's ability to do quality research as safely as possible, and to remain a leader in safe laboratory operations.

In an email message to the research community last spring, President Mark Schlissel said, "Safe research is the responsibility of everyone in the laboratory – how we think, how we act, and most of all understanding that making sure no one gets hurt in the process is paramount."

Report a Safety Concern

734.647.1143 OFFICE HOURS: 7:30am - 4:30pm
After hours emergency contact through Department of Public Safety at 734-763-1131 or from a campus phone 911.