• Individual office ergonomics assessments:
    Please submit a request form here
    Instructions for what happens after the request is submitted are on this page as well.
  • Departmental office ergonomics assessments:
    Please contact the OSEH ergonomics specialist with a list of individuals to be seen and their work locations. A block time can then be scheduled to see those requesting service.
  • Non-office ergonomic assessments (Laboratory, material handling, driving, trades…)
    Please submit a request form here and in the comments section, identify that you request a NON Office assessment. The OSEH ergonomics specialist will contact you directly to schedule an appointment.
  • Departmental Trainings:
    OSEH offers a variety of educational opportunities for your staff. Each presentation is customized to meet the needs of your employees and can include any of the following: Click here to see a description of these topics including general timeframe and objectives:
    • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Basic office ergonomics
    • Small Budget, Big Impact Ergonomics
    • Laptop Ergonomics
    • Fitting Your Chair to You
    • Back Safety
    • Material Handling Ergonomics
    • Laboratory Ergonomics

    If these presentations do not fit your needs, simply contact the ergonomics specialist and a customized presentation can be created. There is no charge for these services.

  • Ergonomically based design reviews:
    Review of remodeling plans, counter heights, desk depths and standardization of ergonomic chairs/stools is available at no cost. Many departments have saved thousands of dollars by acting proactively to avoid creating ergonomic risk. Contact your OSEH ergonomics specialist.
  • Injury rate reviews:
    Reduce your injury rates by consulting with the ergonomic specialist to customize an ergonomics plan. Options are typically presented and discussed with management/supervisors to determine best solutions. Contact your OSEH ergonomics specialist for details.

Not sure which option is best? The ergonomic consultant may help you figure out the best action plan to reduce injuries, educate employees and help your staff work more comfortably.