Fire Safety

Fire Safety Service (FSS) is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable fire safety regulations on the University of Michigan campus. FSS Inspectors conduct facility fire safety inspections and drills, plan reviews for new construction and renovation projects, provide interpretation regarding code requirements and intent, and develop awareness programs. The FSS Fire Marshal is the "Authority Having Jurisdiction" (AHJ) over operational considerations.

Construction/Renovation Projects
From plan review through final acceptance testing, FSS Inspectors work closely with architects, engineers and project managers to ensure compliance with applicable fire and life safety codes and University Design Guidelines. Where outside agencies have jurisdiction regarding compliance with fire safety regulations, such as the State of Michigan Bureau of Fire Safety Services, FSS advises design teams on compliance with applicable regulations, and acts as the University’s liaison with State Inspectors. FSS also works closely with local fire departments and other emergency responders to ensure effective response protocols are in place.

FSS staff conducts inspections throughout the Ann Arbor campus, as well as regional and off-site properties. Inspections include facility fire / life safety, liquor license inspections for regulated facilities, occupant capacity and egress evaluations, as well as a host of other site or event specific programming. FSS works with staff to ensure compliance and to provide education on fire prevention techniques.

Education Training Programs
With prevention as our primary mission, FSS staff promotes and provides a full range of fire and life safety educational training. From regularly scheduled programs such as annual fire drill exercises and “hands on” fire extinguisher training, to specialized training topics including special hazard protection systems and building fire protections systems operational training. FSS works with individual departments to develop and provide specific educational programs based on their unique needs required for research.

Incident Response
FSS staff play a vital role in 24-hour response to fire related incidents on this campus. As State-certified Fire Inspectors, we are responsible for the overall coordination of emergency response units. This normally includes collaboration with the Department of Public Safety on all fire scene investigations, oversight and authorization to permit re-occupancy of buildings after a fire related incident, notification to the State Bureau of Fire Safety and coordination of follow up.

University Liaison
As liaisons for University fire safety, FSS staff provides coordination and collaboration with agencies across the State on a variety of matters affecting the safety and security of our community. This includes coordinating site inspections with outside agencies and special hazard response protocols for responding agencies. Our focus is enhancing relations, improving efficiencies, promoting open dialog and the sharing of ideas, and providing a safe and secure environment for all persons at the University of Michigan.