Fire Safety

Plan Review

This guideline is written to assist designers and project managers with the OSEH Fire Safety Services (FSS) plan review and inspection process. This guideline covers only the FSS review process and deals only with the fire and life safety codes and standards that are enforced by FSS. Depending on the scope of work, other laws, codes, standards, and regulations may also need to be followed. All personnel responsible for project design and project management should be familiar with the "Codes and Regulatory Agencies" guideline published by UM AEC, and must comply with the listed requirements for plan review, approval, and inspection by other Federal, State, and University organizations.

While the University has a great deal of regulatory autonomy, certain Federal and State laws and regulations do apply to construction, remodeling, and renovation projects. Some laws and regulations apply to all University projects, while others apply only to specific types of occupancies. The State of Michigan Bureau of Fire Services (MBFS), which is part of the Department of Labor and Economic Growth, is the primary State agency that regulates University fire safety. However, MBFS does not regulate fire safety in every University facility – they have adopted administrative rules that apply only to specific types of facilities. If a facility falls into one of the categories listed in the boxes below, it is regulated by MBFS. A separate guideline has been prepared for each type of occupancy, and you may click on the links below or to the left in the "Quick Links" to read the guidelines. If a facility does not fall into any of these categories, it is not regulated by MBFS. For non-regulated facilities, plans must be submitted to OSEH Fire Safety Services in accordance with the Fire Safety Review Process for Non-Regulated Facilities.

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