Food Safety

Food is a part of our culture on campus, either dining in the residence halls or meeting at one of the Unions for a quick bite. It is important that food service establishments prepare and serve food in a safe manner. The University of Michigan is dedicated to protecting the community and through an agreement with the Environmental Health Division of the Washtenaw County Department of Health, OSEH has the authority to license and inspect all food service establishments on campus to be sure they meet applicable local, state and federal regulations. This also includes temporary food service events such as food vendors at home football games, the Art Fair and student organization events. OSEH sanitarians may be contacted to provide food safety training to food service personnel to heighten awareness of current food safety and sanitation procedures. A self-directed training video on food safety practices at temporary food events can be found at the Washtenaw County Health Department website.

This website is available to take you through the OSEH Food Safety Program established at the University of Michigan. The Food Service Licensing, Regulation and Enforcement Guideline provides procedures for the regulation of food service operations at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and the Health System. It addresses fixed, special transitory, mobile and temporary food service operations on University property and small group housing kitchens associated with the Office of Greek Life and the Inter-Cooperative Council.

Please direct any questions to the OSEH line at 734-647-1142, or send an email to


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