Hazardous Waste

Radioactive Waste

LLRW with Chemcials

Radionuclide user are strongly encouraged NOT to generate LLRW combined with chemicals at The University of Michigan. Segregate radioactive waste from chemicals whenever possible. DO NOT combine chemicals and radioactive wastes in the same container unless the combination is an inherent part of your experimental protocols.

Isolate chemical wastes from all forms of pure aqueous or solid forms of radioactive wastes. Minimize the volumes of unavoidable chemical LLRW at all times. The generation of chemical LLRW by merely mixing chemical and radioactive wastes together in the same container as a means of waste disposal (after-use mixing) is unacceptable and prohibited. Contact HMM for guidance and recommendations.

Should your research activities involve the unavoidable generation of chemical LLRW, please ensure:

  • this waste remains concentrated and is properly segregated from other water-based radioactive wastes;
  • the waste volume is kept to an absolute minimum;
  • to properly notify HMM as to the waste type, volume, and quantity (% chemical by volume) prior to waste collection.