Hazardous Waste

Biohazardous Waste

Generators of biohazards waste are required to comply with rules and regulations promulgated by federal, state and local regulatory agencies. The Michigan Medical Waste Regulatory Act regulates the generation, storage, treatment, and disposal of medical waste and administers the Medical Waste Regulatory Program covering medical waste producing facilities. The Department of Transportation requires compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations during transportation of regulated medical waste and the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth regulates occupational exposure to blood and other potentially infectious material and waste disposal.

The safety guidelines, regulations and procedures presented are intended to help generators comply with governmental rules and regulations designed to protect human health and the environment. Strict compliance with these regulations ensures the waste is managed, transported, and disposed of safely and properly while reducing potential liability to the University.

All containers of biohazardous waste must have a "Biohazard Label" attached. For containers that are not pre-labeled, biohazard labels can be ordered through HMM at 763-4568. When waste accumulation begins the accumulation start date must be written on the label. The accumulation start date is the date the waste is first generated. All biohazardous waste must be treated or sent for disposal through HMM within 60 days. The following links provide additional information on proper biohazardous waste management practices.

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