Hazardous Waste

Chemical Waste


Container labeling is an important aspect of properly managing chemical waste. Accurate container labeling identifies the constituents in a container, helps prevent incompatible waste combinations, and alerts emergency responders to the presence of hazardous materials in the event of a leak or spill. Failure to properly label hazardous waste containers is one of the most common regulatory violations.

To ensure your waste is labeled in a manner consistent with the regulations, complete a hazardous waste label and affix it to the container. Click the hyperlinks on the label for a more detailed explanation of each field.

Hazardous Waste Label


Regulations require tracking of hazardous waste from cradle to grave. This is accomplished using a "waste manifest". All waste generators are required to fill out a waste manifest that accurately describes the shipment prior to contacting the Hazardous Materials Management (HMM) program for a collection. Instructions for completing the “waste manifest” can be found on the back of the manifest or by clicking on the hyperlink below.

Waste Manifest

Hazardous waste labels and waste manifests can be ordered by contacting HMM at 763-4568. Labels and manifests can be ordered completely blank or with pre-populated contact information.