Hazardous Waste

Radioactive Waste

Liquid Scintillation Vials

Liquid scintillation vials are glass or plastic vials with secured caps that contain scintillation cocktail used in radioactive analysis. HMM will collect filled or partially-filled liquid scintillation vials containing OSEH approved non-hazardous or biodegradable scintillation fluid provided the vials are sorted, packaged and prepared according to the methods described below. Toluene and xylene based scintillation fluids are prohibited from use at The University of Michigan unless authorization has been received from OSEH. Contact HMM for specific collection instructions.

Segregate vials by radionuclidic content and by type:

    1) Glass vials
    2) Plastic vials

    Please see the Table of Acceptable Segregation Categories for LLRW. (Use a separate box for each category). Do not mix plastic or glass vials in same box or tray. OSEH recommends the use of glass vials as opposed to plastic wherever possible.

  • For empty LSC vials indicate activity as < 10 µCi when requesting collection of empty vials.
  • Ensure scintillation vial caps are fastened securely and not leaking prior to packaging in trays and boxes.
  • Store vials within the cardboard vial flats (trays).
  • Insert absorbent material or pad in base of original vial box.
  • Pack vial flats containing scintillation vials into box.
  • Seal box securely with tape. (Use lab, duct or making tape).
  • Record on the top of all boxes of LSC vials either Plastic or Glass.
  • Ensure boxes of scintillation vials are not saturated or leaking scintillation fluid prior to HMM collection.
  • HMM may choose not to accept boxes of vials phoned-in as ≥ 1,000 µCi.
  • Fill out a Container Label (instructions) and affix to the top of LSC vial box.
  • Fill out a LLRW Manifest (instructions).
  • Perform a contamination survey on the exterior of each waste container (instructions).
  • Do not dispose of commercially prepared liquid scintillation standards with other scintillation vial wastes. (Note: request a special collection).
  • Do not discard scintillation fluid or radionuclides down sink drains.
  • Do not tape the tops of scintillation vials.
  • Do not discard other forms of radioactive waste (eg. gloves, syringes, paper, pads, etc.) in with vials.
  • Do not discard scintillation vials (empty or full) into yellow fiber waste drums.
  • Do not discard "hot" commercial stock vials with scintillation vials.
  • Do not use radioactive material tape to seal boxes of scintillation vials. (Note: use lab, masking or duct tape).