Hazardous Waste

Biohazardous Waste

Pathological Waste

Pathological waste includes animal carcasses, organs, tissues, body parts other than teeth, products of conception, and fluids removed by trauma or during surgery or autopsy or other medical procedure, and not fixed in formaldehyde. All pathological waste must be sent for proper disposal through HMM. All containers of pathological waste must have both a "biohazard label" and "incinerate only" label attached. For containers that are not pre-labeled, biohazard and incinerate only labels can be ordered through HMM at 763-4568. When pathological waste accumulation begins the accumulation start date must be written on the fiber drum or biohazard label. The accumulation start date is the date the waste is first generated. All pathological waste must be sent for proper disposal through HMM within 60 days.

Biohazard Label

Incinerate Only Label

Disposal Procedure for Pathological Waste

  • Place in an opaque plastic bag, and tape the bag shut with duct tape
  • Place in a fiber drum and write the weight on the top of the drum. The total weight of the drum should not exceed 55 pounds unless the drum contains a single heavy animal
  • Ensure that the drum is labeled with a biohazard label and an "incinerate only label"
  • Store the drum in an animal collection freezer or cold room
  • If your storage freezer is not routinely collected, contact HMM at 763-4568 to arrange for a collection