Hazardous Waste

Refrigerant Management

To comply with EPA regulations, UM personnel and outside contractors must contact the Plant Operations Air Conditioning Shop if installation or removal of equipment containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's), or hydro-chloro-fluorcarbons (HCFC's) is performed.

The Plant Air Conditioning Shop have developed a procedure and database for tracking refrigerants. They have posted a form that must be completed on their web site.

The following is a list of refrigerants that are regulated by the EPA and Plant is currently tracking in a refrigerant management database. If you are removing or installing equipment containing any of these refrigerants please contact the Plant Air Conditioning Shop immediately at 647-2059. Thank you.

Ethane Ethylene HP-81 MP-39 MP-66
Poly Cold Mix Propane R-11 R-114 R-12
R-123 R-13 R-134A R-13B1 R-22
R-23 R-290 R-401 R-401A R-401B
R-402B R-404A R-406A R-408A R-409A
R-414B R-500 R-502 R-503 R-50-50
R-507 R-AZ50