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Sharps LLRW

By definition, sharps are those objects which represent a puncture or laceration hazard. Such objects include, but are not limited to, the following: syringe needles (capped or uncapped), razor blades, scalpel blades, xacto knife blades, sharp metal objects, capillary pipettes, and broken glass objects.

All radioactive sharps MUST be disposed of into 1-gallon or 5-gallon plastic white pails, sealed plastic bottles, or other approved sharps containers.

NOTE: Cardboard boxes are not acceptable for sharps containment.

The containers must be securely closed (i.e. snapped in place) so that there will be no leakage of radioactive material under conditions normally incident to transportation.

HMM will provide pails to your laboratory for SHARPS ONLY. Please DO NOT discard other forms of hazardous or low-level radioactive wastes into these pails.

Segregate radioactive sharps by radionuclide(s). Please see the Table of Acceptable Segregation Categories for LLRW. (Use a separate pail for each category).

To avoid potential injury to Hazardous Materials Management personnel, sharps are NOT to be placed into the OSEH yellow radioactive waste fiber drums for disposal. Sharp objects discovered in the yellow fiber drums will result in the fiber drum being returned to laboratory of origin for proper segregation and repackaging.

  • Fill out a Container Label (instructions) and attach around the handle of the pail and affix the two adhesive ends together.
  • Fill out a LLRW Manifest (instructions).
  • Perform a contamination survey on the exterior of each waste container (instructions).

Sharps Container
Sharps container with a properly attached label