Hazardous Waste

Radioactive Waste

Solid LLRW

Solid radioactive wastes should consist of dry contaminated laboratory materials, equipment, and supplies such as paper, unbroken glass, and plastic products.

HMM provides 7.5 gallon and 28 gallon yellow fiber drums for solid low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) disposal.

Segregate solid radioactive wastes by radionuclide(s). Please see the Table of Acceptable Segregation Categories for LLRW. (Use a separate drum for each category).

  • Ensure yellow fiber waste drum is lined with large plastic bag prior to discarding solid wastes into fiber drum
  • Fill out a Container Label (instructions) and attached to the designated location on upper side of the large yellow fiber drums (lower side of small fiber drums).

Container Label
Designated location for the container label

  • Fill out a LLRW Manifest (instructions).
  • Perform a contamination survey on the exterior of each waste container (instructions).
  • Do not discard radioactive material as normal trash.
  • Do not use translucent or opaque bags (eg. Biohazard waste bags, etc.) to discard radioactive wastes into yellow fiber drums. (Note: use clear bags only).
  • Do not deface or write directly on OSEH yellow fiber drums. (Note: drums are reused).
  • Do not overfill and/or underfill yellow fiber drums.
  • Do not discard the following materials into OSEH yellow fiber drums:
    • Non-radioactive wastes (eg. paper towels, boxes, etc);
    • Stock vials or other containers which contain standing liquids (>0.5 ml/container);
    • LSC vials (empty or full);
    • Lead, leaded materials, or large contaminated metal objects (Note: request a special collection);
    • Chemicals or chemically soaked materials;
    • Biological wastes (eg. carcasses, blood, tissue, organs, urine, feces, bedding, etc).