Radiation Safety

Radiation-Generating Devices

Machines capable of generating ionizing radiation must be registered annually with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) prior to operation. This can include machines that produce radiation incidental to the primary purpose of the device (e.g. electron microsopes). Registration applications and renewals are processed only through Radiation Safety Service.

The LARA may require that registration applicants submit a facility radiation shielding plan drawn to scale prior to approving machine registrations. In general, RSS reviews and submits shielding plans to the LARA on behalf of the University. Contact RSS for advice and assistance prior to acquiring or installing radiation generating machines.

Users of particular types of radiation machines must have adequate training on the safe use of those machines prior to operating them. RSS offers training on the safe use of such devices. This training is conducted on an "as needed" basis.

The LARA routinely inspects all registered facilities and machines no less than once every 5 years. RSS will contact radiation machine users when inspections are to be scheduled. Users must cooperate in making facilities and machine operators available to ensure a complete inspection.

UMHHC Radiation-Generating Devices Forms