Radiation Safety

Radiological Emergencies

Emergency situations can arise from the use, storage, or transfer of radioactive material or the misuse of radiation-producing devices such as x-ray units. Incidents may involve the loss of radioactive material, the spread of radioactive contamination, or the accidental exposure of individuals to ionizing radiation. RSS responds promptly to any radiological incident involving radioactive material or radiation-producing devices.

Emergency Notifications for Radiological Incidents

Note: When there is a medical emergency (e.g. serious illness or injury), always contact the U-M Department of Public Safety (DPS) first by dialing 911 or 763-1131.

For non-medical emergencies and incidents:

Business Hours (8:00 am – 4:30 pm)
Contact: RSS at 764-6200 or HMM at 763-4568 for assistance.

Evenings and Weekends
Contact: Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 911 or 763-1131.

OSEH / DPS Emergency Procedures Flip-Chart

OSEH and the Department of Public Safety jointly have prepared an easy-to-use Emergency Procedures and Preparedness flip-chart available to all labs and facilities at the University’s Ann Arbor Campus. Each lab should have a copy of the flip-chart posted at a visible location in the lab. All employees should familiarize themselves with its contents. The chart addresses the proper steps to take in the event of emergencies of various types. This includes response to radiation contamination incidents. Contact OSEH at 647-1143 to request a copy of the flip-chart.