Radiation Safety


Technical Support & Training
Training is required by state or federal regulation. Users of sources of radiation must receive safety training to acquaint them with the hazards associated when working with radiation or radioactive materials. RSS also instructs users on specifically required University protocols applicable to the use of sources of radiation such as radioactive materials or x-ray generating devices. These protocols are critical components of the University’s radiation safety program.

RSS Orientation Class
The orientation class is offered weekly throughout the year and is open to U-M faculty, staff and students intending to use radioactive materials for research or medicine. Users of radioactive materials must attend this class before commencing use of radioactive materials at the University of Michigan. It instructs users on basic radiation safety concerns, protective methods and required protocols for the receipt, use, transfer and/or disposal of radioactive materials. This class starts promptly on the hour and lasts for 2 hours. You may register for the class at:

Radiation Safety Orientation Course Schedule

Annual Refresher Training
Users must review radiological safety protocols and requirements annually. This can be done by attending the Radiation Safety Orientation Class or through refresher sessions specially arranged and scheduled with RSS. However, most users elect to independently review documents and media developed by RSS for that purpose.

These materials can either be viewed as a MS PowerPoint presentation at the U-M My LINC website or downloaded as a document from the OSEH website. Users electing independent review must sign an "Acknowledgement Sheet" (see hyperlink below) attesting to having completed the independent review. Authorized Users of radioactive materials must retain a copy of the signed acknowledgement sheet for inspection by RSS.

The My LINC online PowerPoint presentation is class number RSS103w. Users can register and take the online version by going to: http://www.oseh.umich.edu/training/mylinc.shtml

Radionuclide Users Annual Refresher Training Guide
Annual Refresher Training Acknowledgment Form

X-ray Safety Training and Other Special-Purpose Training
Radiation Safety Service also offers particularized training on an “as needed” basis for users of x-ray devices and other special purposes. Examples include Analytical X-ray Machine Safety Training, X-ray Fluoroscopy Safety Training, Sealed-Source Safety Training, Radiation Safety Training for Animal Handlers, and other customized or specialized training appropriate to specific or unique radiological uses. Contact RSS at 764-4420 if you need or would like specialized training.

Additional Radiation Safety Informational Materials
RSS provides informational and instructional materials available either by download or upon request.