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The University of Michigan Department of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (OSEH) provides departments with technical assistance on safety and environmental issues relating to the workplace. Some of these issues involve strict regulatory compliance requirements; others are logical and systematic efforts to reduce or eliminate the most common hazards found in research labs. Your work may involve hazardous materials and equipment that require special training or use authorization. You also need to consider that you are responsible for the safety of those who report to you. OSEH will provide you with informed decisions on lab practice and employee safety. To help us help you understand which guidelines and regulations apply to your work, please fill out and submit form.

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Human blood/tissue
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Research animals
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Compressed gases
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Flammable, explosive, or reactive materials
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High energy sound or loud noise
Cryogenic liquids or equipment
High energy equipment (pneumatic, steam, electric, hydraulic)
High elevations or confined spaces
Machine shop equipment
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Scientific diving operations
Generation of hazardous waste (biological, chemical, radiological)
Potential emissions to the environment (air, ground, water)


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