Research Safety

Lab Inspection & Hazard Ranking

Strategic planning for laboratory safety inspections has driven new ways of viewing risk and interventions. OSEH has designed an update to the usual system of laboratory safety inspections, whereby research and support spaces will individually receive broad-based risk assessments and will be ranked for purposes of follow-up frequency and other parameters. This new system also contains better tools to address critical deficiencies and corrective actions for conditions that present immediate risks to life, health, the facility, or the environment.

This upgraded inspection system will allow our personnel resources to be appropriately applied to the highest-risk spaces at the highest frequency and intensity, with lower-risk spaces being seen an lower rates of frequency. The hazard ranking system also has applications to sustainability and energy use, as many of the lower risk spaces can be ventilated at lower rates while occupied and unoccupied, while higher-risk spaces will receive higher-levels of ventilation during working hours.

Click here to view the Lab Hazard Ranking (LHR).