Worker Safety

Permitted Equipment

The Permitted Equipment Program at the University of Michigan refers to University owned or leased equipment used for material handling, maintenance and construction operations, such as an aerial work platform, mobile equipment, powered industrial trucks or tractors. It does not refer to equipment used for agricultural operations.

The Permitted Equipment Guideline has been developed to provide information to University personnel operating various types of equipment to complete job tasks. Employees who use these types of equipment must be a University of Michigan employee or approved contractor who has been issued a permit by OSEH to operate Permitted Equipment.

As an employer, the University is responsible for addressing the requirements of the MIOSHA (Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Administration) regulations. Information from several regulations has been consolidated into this Guideline to meet the requirements for appropriate employee training, safe operation, and permitting. The OSEH procedure to obtain permits is included.

The Permitted Equipment Program addresses the following:

  • Initial permitting
  • Refresher Training
  • Permit Renewal
  • Revoking a Permit

All referenced guidelines, regulations, and other documents are available through OSEH (7-1142).

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