Scientific Dive Safety

Diver Authorization

Persons wishing to utilize diving in conjunction with employment, research, or educational activity may apply for diving authorization as follows:

  • Complete and submit an Application for Diver Authorization to the Diving Safety Coordinator.
  • Submit copies of all diving related credentials (certifications cards, certificates, authorizations from other universities or agencies at 6-2019 for the application).
  • Submit documentation of past 5 years of diving activity (logbook, descriptive summary, etc.).
  • Submit a brief written description of intended underwater activity including geographic locations, anticipated environmental conditions, anticipated maximum dive depth requirements, and nature of underwater tasks.
  • Complete an interview with the Diving Safety Coordinator.

Upon satisfactory completion of the above, the Diving Safety Coordinator will:

  • Advise applicants with regard to addition training requirements, if any.
  • Authorize a Divers Medical Examination in accord with Occupational Safety and Environmental Health policy.
  • Develop and administer an appropriate applicant evaluation procedure, if need. This procedure may include swimming, diving skill, and knowledge evaluation.
  • Request applicant to complete training and certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation in an approved American Red Cross or equivalent course.
  • Evaluate condition of applicants diving equipment or University-owned diving equipment to be used and specify technical inspection & maintenance requirements by a qualified technician. Documentation thereof shall be submitted to the Diving Safety Coordinator.
  • Provide applicant with a copy of the University‚Äôs Manual of Safe Diving Practices and health and safety guidelines applicable to their diving activities.

Upon satisfactory completion of medical examination, CPR/First Aid Certification, and any additional training requirements the Diving Safety Coordinator will submit a recommendation for Diver Authorization to the Executive Director of OSEH who may accept the recommendation and grant authorization or require additional evaluation or training.

Upon approval the Diving Safety Coordinator will issue a University Diver Authorization document specifying:

  • Medical approval
  • CPR/first aid certification
  • Diving depth and environment(s)
  • Training and certification
  • Special equipment and breathing gas endorsements, if any
  • Restrictions
  • Date of expiration

Diving Authorizations are valid for one (1) year from date of medical examination.