Scientific Dive Safety

Scientific Diving monitors the health and safety of scuba divers operating under University of Michigan sanctioned programs or research in accord with established state and federal regulations.

Personnel Evaluation

All divers are evaluated by the Diving Safety Coordinator including medical fitness, training, knowledge, and skill proficiency. Upon compliance with established requirements and regulations, an authorization document is issued to each qualified diver and their supervisor. Thereafter, each diver is evaluated for medical fitness annually. Periodic competency evaluations are also conducted based on activity and need.

Personnel Protection Program

The Diving Safety Coordinator reviews health and safety aspects of research projects and instructional activities which involve skin, scuba, or surface-supplied diving. Consultation can be provided with regard to personnel selection and training, work site evaluation and hazards identification, equipment requirements, diving protocol, and operational safety. This program informs divers and their supervisors of job-related hazards. It is also designed to help divers understand the potential risk of working underwater, equipment and procedures to minimize risk exposure, and what divers can do to protect themselves.

Diver Training Programs

Training programs include the Periodic Diver Update, Oxygen Provider, Diving Injury management, and Scientific Diver. Additional programs can be provided as needed.