Environmental Protection


This information is intended to help students, employees, and visitors in the University of Michigan community understand how the University’s stormwater system operates, what the laws require, and what you can do to reduce contamination in the stormwater system from surface runoff. As you move through the information you will learn more about stormwater, what you can do to help, how the regulations impact our operation, and various safe practices.

This information was developed as a joint effort between the U-M Department of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health and the School of Natural Resources and Environment. Comments should be directed to Steve O'Rielly. We all need to help prevent contamination through stormwater, hence Our motto: Stormwater: Our Resource, Our Responsibility.

Stormwater Management at the University of Michigan (Video)

We take many things for granted in our modern world. One of these is our ability to develop an area into a thriving community and provide an infrastructure to effectively move stormwater away from buildings and living areas. This ability places a tremendous responsibility on all of us to ensure the water moves through our space, to the river, in a condition that will not adversely impact the natural environment.



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