The University of Michigan is committed to preserving the health and safety of its faculty and staff. There are 3 ways to access ergonomic services at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor:

Prevention Services:
Prevention services are available to all faculty and staff interested in preventing physical discomfort, regardless of job tasks. To access services, please complete the form below:

Medical Services:
Medical ergonomic services are available for anyone who is currently seeing a physician, chiropractor or therapist for discomfort experienced during the work day. This program is facilitated by MHealthy. You must have a physician prescription/referral prior to being scheduled.

Requests for Office Based ergonomic services:
The University of Michigan’s Occupational Safety and Environmental Health(OSEH) is excited to announce a partnership with Humantech, a local ergonomics company, to provide basic office ergonomics education, assessments and recommendations tailored to each employee. This electronic system is designed to empower employees to help themselves, while providing guided information for the most successful outcomes. The electronic self-help takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. No individual consultations for office ergonomics will be conducted until the employee has completed this process. The employee can expect to:

  1. Complete OSEH’s request for ergonomic assistance (see above). Once reviewed, a secure weblink will be provided.
  2. Complete Humantech’s online registration.
  3. Participate in an interactive, 20 minute training.
  4. Answer approximately 25 questions pertaining to their workspace.
  5. Receive a risk rating based on current exposure to ergonomic issues.
  6. Receive a step by step guide to improve the identified ergonomic risks Print a copy of their report with remaining recommendations.
  7. If the recommendations require items to be purchased they are identified by item number and vendor information within Mmarketsite (except desk chairs.)
  8. Provide pictures of their workstation via upload if desired.
  9. Receive an updated risk rating when recommended changes have been implemented.
  10. Have the option to complete any of these process steps again at any time including if their office location changes.
  11. Be contacted by the OSEH ergonomics consultant if their risk rating remains elevated even after completing the recommended changes.

This website is designed to guide you through the OSEH Ergonomics Program established at the University of Michigan. Please direct any questions to your OSEH Representative, call our main OSEH line at 647-1143, or send an e-mail to OSEH.