Hazardous Waste

ChEM Reuse Program

The ChEM Reuse program provides research and teaching labs with an opportunity to obtain desired chemicals, equipment and materials free of charge. OSEH stores the unexpired and unused surplus chemicals in a repository for redistribution. Information on avaiable equipment or materials can be found on Request ChEM page. Send your request using the appropriate form. This program was developed by the Office of Campus Sustainability (OCS) in collaboration with OSEH as part of U-M’s sustainability initiative and is expected to save U-M both purchasing and waste disposal costs. The program emphasizes U-M’s commitment to protect the environment by reducing the overall volume of hazardous waste generated.

This program is intended to serve the U-M community only. Upon receiving the information from a donor or a request for an item(s), OSEH/OCS staff will contact the requesting organization to make arrangements for collection, or delivery.

Contact Dr. Sudhakar Reddy (763-4615 or email: redv@umich.edu) if you have questions about this program.