Hazardous Waste

Chemical Waste

The Hazardous Materials Management (HMM) program is responsible for the collection and proper disposal of chemical waste generated from thousands of laboratories, maintenance areas, construction sites, housing units and healthcare clinics across campus. State of the art research performed throughout the University presents unique challenges that require advanced waste management strategies.

The HMM program incorporates a variety of techniques to assist the University research community by developing innovative waste management programs for projects generating uncommon waste streams. Working in conjunction with the Office of Campus Sustainability, HMM also helps promote environmental stewardship through waste minimization and recycling efforts. For non-research activities, HMM conducts waste disposal evaluations and develops comprehensive waste management programs to help ensure that all waste generated at the University of Michigan is handled and managed properly.

Principle functions of HMM include:

  • Provide guidance and training to generators to ensure the chemical waste is being managed in a manner that is compliant with State and Federal regulations.
  • Sample and profile waste streams.
  • Lab pack and commingle waste in a manner accentuating cost containment.
  • Collect and transport chemical waste from generation sites to collection areas in compliance with Department of Transportation regulations.
  • Coordinate bulk waste removals from grease interceptors, oil tanks and facilities using specialized equipment capable of collecting and transporting thousands of gallons of waste.
  • Arrange for the shipment of all chemical waste generated on campus to a licensed disposal facility.
  • Maintain records of all shipments of chemical waste.
  • Maintain permits and licenses necessary for chemical waste management and transportation.
  • Serve as liaison for regulatory agency staff during compliance inspections.
  • Coordinate large scale moves of hazardous materials.
  • Provide generators with a selection of waste containers and pre-printed labels and manifests at no charge.
  • Provide laboratory cleanout and specialized controlled substance removal services.
  • Perform compliance audits of waste vendors to ensure adherence with University contract terms and conformance with State and Federal hazardous waste regulations.