Radiation Safety

Radioactive Materials / X-Rays in Animals


As previously noted, the Authorized User is responsible for decontaminating all animal cages and/or pens for which a YELLOW or RED protocol is used. ULAM personnel will contact the Authorized User or appropriate contact person by phone when cages and/or pens need to be surveyed for radioactive contamination. Contamination surveys of animal cages and/or pens should be performed following the procedures detailed in "The University of Michigan Radioactive Contamination Survey Program".

Cages and pens should be washed, rinsed and then surveyed for contamination using an appropriate survey meter and/or smears (swipes). Cages must be free of contamination prior to sending to the ULAM animal cage wash area. Potentially contaminated rinse water from pen cleaning should be collected whenever possible.

Contamination survey results must be less than 3 times background in order to be considered free of contamination. All survey results must be documented. The Authorized User is responsible for maintaining documentation of all survey results for cages and/or pens. Please note that survey records are subject to OSEH/RSS and/or NRC inspections.

Once the cage(s) and/or pen(s) are found to be free of radioactive contamination, the Authorized User or contact person must notify the ULAM Area Supervisor of the results. The Authorized User or contact person is responsible for removing all animal cage cards and any other postings on the cage(s), pen(s), or room doors. Cages are to be sent to the "Cage Wash" area only after background radiation levels are obtained. All animal cage cards must be returned to the ULAM Area Supervisor.

Please do not hesitate to contact OSEH/RSS (764-4420) regarding any questions regarding contamination surveys of animal cages, pens, and/or rooms.