Radiation Safety

Radioactive Materials / X-Rays in Animals

Reduce Contamination

Radioactive contamination of laboratory facilities can represent a radiological hazard to personnel. The following rules are designed to avoid laboratory and/or facility contamination:

  • Radioactive contaminated equipment, or equipment that has been used and is suspected of being contaminated, shall be isolated in designated areas in the laboratory or in suitable storage areas until it can be tested to determine the contamination level. If the equipment is contaminated, label it with "Caution Radioactive Material" labeling tape and decontaminate it as soon as possible.
  • Equipment and tools shall be routinely surveyed following use. No equipment shall be returned to stock unless it is known to be completely free of radioactive contamination inside and out.
  • Tools, equipment, and apparatus used for handling radioactive material, should be placed in nonporous metal trays or pans that are lined with plastic-backed absorbent (disposable) paper. This paper should be surveyed and changed frequently.
  • One sink in each laboratory shall be designated for washing radioactive contaminated equipment.
  • Radioactive contamination shall not be allowed to remain on working surfaces; if decontamination efforts are unsuccessful, contact OSEH/RSS.