Radiation Safety

Radioactive Materials / X-Rays in Animals

Safety Rules

In order to minimize and protect personnel against inhalation, absorption, or ingestion of radionuclides, the following rules must be observed:

  • Eating, drinking, smoking, food preparation, food storage, and application of cosmetics shall not be permitted in laboratories or facilities where radioactive materials are used or stored.
  • Storage of food and beverages is not permitted in the same storage location (refrigerator, freezer, etc) as radioactive materials.
  • Protective gloves shall be worn when handling radioactive material.
  • Protective clothing (lab coats, cover-gowns, etc.) shall be worn when handling radioactive material. Protective garments should be left in the laboratory when work is completed or until monitored and found free on contamination.
  • Protective dust masks shall be worn when handling radioactive animal bedding.
  • Personnel shall not be permitted to work with radioactive material if there are open cuts or abrasions on the body (e.g., finger, hands, or arms).
  • Monitoring of hands, feet, and clothing is recommended when working with radioactive material and is required when handling large activities (>100 ┬ÁCi) of radioactive material.
  • Color-card animal care protocols shall be followed for animals containing radioactive material. All questions regarding color-card protocols should be addressed by the ULAM Area Supervisor.