Radiation Safety

Radioactive Materials / X-Rays in Animals


Animals that have received radioactive material must be transported in such a manner as to prevent any contamination of hallways, elevators, etc. Solid bottom transfer containers are MANDATORY. Such animals may not be transported across public streets or sidewalks without OSEH/RSS approval and/or assistance. Requests for animal transport can be made by contacting OSEH/RSS (764-4420).

OSEH/RSS requests a minimum of 4 hours notice prior to all transfers. When contacting OSEH/RSS for animal transport, please provide the following information:

  1. Authorized User - Originator
  2. Authorized User - Recipient
  3. Recipient Location (room and building)
  4. Radionuclide(s)
  5. Radionuclide Activity (┬ÁCi or mCi)
  6. Animal Species & Type of Transport Cage
  7. Date & Time of Transfer

The Radiation Safety Officer must approve all off-campus transfers (i.e., VA Hospital) before they are performed.